Mothers and Babies

About The Curriculum:

Mothers and Babies 1-on-1 Curriculum (MB 1-on-1) is an evidence-based postpartum depression program completed through multiple sessions during home visits. The goal of MB 1-on-1 is to reduce the occurrence of postpartum depression.   It is best utilized when delivered during the 2nd-3rd trimester to assist mothers in managing stress and building a ‘tool kit’ to create positive emotions and thoughts.

The course is comprised of 12 weekly one-on-one sessions, lasting approximately 15-20 minutes each. The MB 1-on-1 Course curriculum is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) where mothers learn how to manage their emotions in relation to their inner and outer reality and are taught attachment theory which provides a positive bond between mother and baby. Additionally, mothers are given a workbook that corresponds to the material being taught.

The MB 1-on-1 Course is both evidence-based from four randomized controlled trials and consistent in receiving positive feedback from participants.  Each Home Visitor is provided training and an Instructor Manual detailing the directives to guide mothers through the course. Each session follows the same format: introduce key points, communicate material via a script, engage in interactive learning activities, and assign a personal project to the mother.


The MB 1-on-1 Course focuses on three main components:
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): exploring a mother’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors through the three modules of pleasant activities, thoughts, and contact with others.
    • Attachment Theory: educating and highlighting the importance of the affect a mother’s mental health has on her child.
    • Psychoeducation: educating mothers on the importance of their mental health and treatments available, such as CBT.
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