Interconception Care

About The Curriculum:

Interconception Care (ICC) focuses on women’s overall health before, during, and after pregnancies by providing education and support. There are several main factors that affect the health of women and infants both preconception and interconception, which include current and previous medical history, behaviors, and social risks. 

A woman can improve her health preconception or interconception by controlling or preventing certain problems (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity), eliminating tobacco use, attending regularly scheduled well-visits, dental visits and much more. Participating in these positive behaviors will greatly reduce the risk of an adverse outcome of a pregnancy. 

During the period of interconception, several action steps can be taken to improve the outcome of the next pregnancy such as waiting at least one year between pregnancies, connecting to programs such as Home Visitation, WIC, and family planning, and completing attendance of postpartum visits. Additional factors that can negatively affect the outcome of a pregnancy include high levels of stress, physical abuse, and unaddressed mental health disruptions. 

For assistance or more information, please contact HSCMD at 305-541-0210.

Show Your Love Topics:

          • Be active
          • Folic acid
          • Get regular checkups
          • Harmful chemicals
          • Healthy diet
          • Learn family health history
          • Manage health conditions
          • Mental health
          • Other infections
          • Plan pregnancies
          • Prevent unplanned pregnancies
          • Reduce or stop alcohol
          • Reduce stress
          • Sexually transmitted infections
          •  Stop drugs
          • Stop partner violence
          • Stop smoking
          • Vaccinations

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